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Crossing The Content Chasm

Aug 15, 2022

In this episode of Crossing The Content Chasm Anna talks about an upcoming LinkedIn live event she has planned and why she is a fan of doing marketing at off-peak times. If you are marketing when others aren’t, then there is less competition and you will stand out from the crowd.


Anna encourages you to do something different to your competitors. The corporate tone may feel safe but it could actually alienate your customers. Humanise your marketing by simplifying things, adding humour, or maybe even offer advice. Anna shares stories of how she brought fun and uniqueness to her marketing.


In the podcast you will learn: 

  • Why should market in off-peak times
  • What made Anna start doing LinkedIn
  • How you can humanise your marketing plans
  • Anna’s tips for you to stand out from the competition


Crossing The Content Chasm is the lively and educational podcast for people who want to bring a content strategy to life. This show, hosted by twenty year marketing pro Anna Bravington, will equip listeners with knowledge and tools to pursue a complete content marketing strategy and help marketers embrace the power of great content with gusto.


We know that marketing can be a difficult and complex topic – particularly in the realms of stakeholder buy-in and strategy, but this show is like audio-camaraderie; not just motivational with a zeal for great knowledge but also creating actionable insights and enjoyable top-level marketing conversations - with a fair dose of humour- in equal measure. 


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