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Crossing The Content Chasm

Jan 17, 2022

In this episode of Crossing The Content Chasm, Anna talks to John Espirian, a LinkedIn Consultant and Author of Content DNA. They talk about the process of having a successful and meaningful social media presence, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and the list goes on. John shares his expertise and experiences in growing channels and pages on any social media sites and highlights some of the problems and issues that you can encounter before, during, and after growing your online presence. But fear not, as he also offers advice and solutions on how to overcome these challenges. 

In the podcast you will learn: 

  • Challenges and problems you can encounter while building your online presence
  • Benefits of a well built social media presence
  • Expert advice on how to overcome social media challenges
  • The best time to grow and/or boost your social media presence
  • Being unique as you are in social media


Crossing The Content Chasm is the lively and educational podcast for people who want to bring a content strategy to life. This show, hosted by twenty year marketing pro Anna Bravington, will equip listeners with knowledge and tools to pursue a complete content marketing strategy and help marketers embrace the power of great content with gusto.


We know that marketing can be a difficult and complex topic – particularly in the realms of stakeholder buy-in and strategy, but this show is like audio-camaraderie; not just motivational with a zeal for great knowledge but also creating actionable insights and enjoyable top-level marketing conversations - with a fair dose of humour- in equal measure. 


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