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Crossing The Content Chasm

May 16, 2022

In this episode of Crossing The Content Chasm Anna talks about breaking down that content. She talks about how to incorporate AI software and technology in creating and breaking down your content. She also discusses the struggle of getting used to some of this software even for her as an ex-programmer. Most AI software is a little techy which results in non-techy people not subscribing to it and looking for one that is easier to understand. In terms of content making, you need to think about how you break it down so that people understand what you do, the different services you offer, and how they are going to benefit from them. You will learn a lot from Anna on how to break down your content to be an effective content creator.

In the podcast you will learn: 

  • The importance of fractionating your content into digestible portions. This makes things easier on you, as the creator, and on the audience.
  • Anna talks about why it’s key that you ensure your audience knows and understands what you are trying to do. This makes certain that they do not miss out on other services that your AI software can offer.
  • Various ways in which people can benefit from your content. Breaking down your content makes understanding your message trouble-free for people. 
  • Anna gives tips on breaking down your content, especially the more complex material.

Crossing The Content Chasm is the lively and educational podcast for people who want to bring a content strategy to life. This show, hosted by twenty year marketing pro Anna Bravington, will equip listeners with knowledge and tools to pursue a complete content marketing strategy and help marketers embrace the power of great content with gusto.

We know that marketing can be a difficult and complex topic – particularly in the realms of stakeholder buy-in and strategy, but this show is like audio-camaraderie; not just motivational with a zeal for great knowledge but also creating actionable insights and enjoyable top-level marketing conversations - with a fair dose of humour- in equal measure. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Breaking down your content makes it easier for your audience to digest.
  • Make your AI and AI-powered software easy for non-techy people to understand and use.


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